The Victorian Fashion- Corsets and Crinolines

In the 1800’s, the Victorian Era was of obtuse level in significance for the fashion and dressing innovations were in progress.


A popular piece of clothing in the time were the crinolines, as explained on the Victoria and Albert Museum Website, “At first the skirts were supported by several petticoats, one of which was of a stiffened silk or of a silk and horsehair fabric, known as crinoline.”


Crinolines, on the inside and out.

Clothing at the time was very restricting of movement, with corsets in place and hard crinolines, many women had issues with their posture. Women had wide puffed sleeves and sizes of the skirts expanded in the 50’s


Corsets and their styles tied front and back

In the latter years though the crinolines were replaces by bustles. A massive hoop of skirt wrapped around the waist to be covered with linen or satin skirts. Headgear in the time was of medium size and extravagant.


Women at the time of Civil War

Women of the time wore for riding boots and collared checked camisettes. They wore skirts with matching shirts and a veil to complete the look. For hunting women wore knee length skirts.

While the day dresses had wide pagoda sleeves, night dresses had short sleeves with fingerless or laced gloves, some which went up to the elbows.


Men in the 1970’s

Bows at the time were also a trend for women just as it was for men.

Menswear however consisted if three piece suits, loose fitted trousers and long hats. Bow ties were the trend in the fifties and in the latter of the era, men wore beards as an accessory of trend.


Victoria and Albert Museam, 2014. [Online] Available at:


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